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What We do:

Interior Living Group is both an online shop and an interior design practice founded in London in 2010. We actually did not intend to go into the online business however, with that said, as our aim is to always offer the very best service for our clients it was a natural extension of the business that we in 2018 launched our online platform with the goal to empower everyone into making confident design decisions on a platform with an already curated collection from the world’s finest brands that makes sourcing and choosing designer products for the home both easy and enjoyable at a favourable price point.

Design Library: 

We have many hundreds of brands in our supplier library and it's an ongoing process to add all our partner brands onto our platform. Kindly be patient with us as our collection grows - It took us a decade to source these brands and it will take a little time to get all up them up here. We sincerely hope you will enjoy browsing through our beautiful and handpicked collection and we are confident that you will enjoy the the pieces you choose to bring into your home, just as much as we do. The journey through how that exact piece ended in you home is long. It was initially a part of a design scheme as a product for a project that we have spent many weeks on designing, refining and reflecting upon until just the right the selection was made. 

Interior Living Group offer a range of hand picked furniture and accessories brands. We specialise in sourcing furniture and decorative pieces for our clients as well as interior design services, providing contemporary luxury interiors and design concepts for both residential and commercial projects. We have now worked on projects in The United Kingdom, West Africa, The United States,  Scandinavia, France & Germany and are proud of our skills and our team. Our online business is new and we are excited to be able to offer this new way of business. We are easygoing but professional and our passion is to ensure that you as a client feel you have the perfect product or design scheme. 

We Want to Help: 

We are here to guide our clients, both those who are buying into a full interior design scheme, buying one product or those who are not quite ready to commission a full interior design firm but need a little help making their home uniquely theirs. The attention from our team is always the same. 

Favourable Price Points:

Additionally to this, we want to ensure that products are offered at the best price possible and we do this through our membership. All our members enjoy 20% OFF on all purchases of our products within a 1 year membership for a one time £59 membership fee. Product Example: Flavia Table Lamp RRP £259/ Members pay £207.

We look forward to assist you on your decor journey.